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Who We Serve

Remote work teams
  • MicVO was created to enable remote digital teams (worldwide) to work and collaborate together in one, virtual space

On-Premise teams
  • A realisation from the Covid pandemic is that MicVO can benefit any workers from home (WFH) as well as On-Premise teams

Meetings and workshops
  • With multiple streaming in realtime enabled, whiteboards, breakout rooms, team hubs and recreation areas, MicVO is perfect for training seminars, PI SAFe Planning ceremonies and bringing multiple teams together for corporate events


Agile ceremonies

Agile project teams can conduct collective real world ceremonies across several time zones such as:

  • Daily Stand-ups

  • Sprint Planning

  • Design and Development Sprints

  • Reviews and Retrospectives


Face 2 face
  • The virtual environment enable VR face-to-face contact regardless of the physical location

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