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  • MicVirtual Office has a key association with XPR Labs, the creator of JobCon and VRCDN a leading global streaming platform

  • Working with this group of VR innovators, developers, designers, marketers, security and network professionals has been inspirational

  • This collaboration has enabled very complex technical platform to be built giving users environments which are easy to use, friendly and collaborative, that enhance the best of the real and virtual worlds



  • The enhanced capability to socially interact is what distinguishes VR from all other forms of online communication

  • Friendships are developed globally based on common interest

  • Avatars display body language and can have over 40 facial movements.  They can be designed to any specifications and can look like your real self or your favourite hero or cartoon character

  • The vast array of theme worlds created by the VR community themselves cater for all occasions.


VR Community

  • Social VR provides an environment that is truly age and gender neutral

  • You can create avatars and hangout in environments that match both your inner and outer personality

  • This can be everything from doing shots in downtown Tokyo bars to discussing the sequencing of mRNA with team from high ranking universities

  • It is easy to find groups with common interests and make new friends

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